Coronavirus (COVID-19) Precautions at Michigan Endodontics, P.C. 

Dear Patients, 

We want to assure you that we are taking every precaution necessary to limit the exposure of any virus, including COVID-19, within our dental office, and we ask that you help us by participating in the following precautions. 

  1. Every individual who enters our practice is required to wear a mask. 

  2. We ask that you inform us of any recent travel outside of Michigan.

  3. Upon your arrival to our office, we kindly advise that you wash your hands both BEFORE and AFTER your appointment. 

  4. We request that you reschedule your dental appointment if you have had a recent fever and/or a high temperature (above 100F), or if you have shown any symptoms including, but not limited to: runny nose, cough, difficulty breathing, vomiting, or diarrhea. 

  5. Please disinfect your hands prior to using any pens needed to complete any form of documentation. 

  6. Prior to your treatment, disinfectant mouthwash will be offered to help minimize aerosol bacteria. 

  7. As with all appointments, we will be using a rubber dam and high volume suction for further containment of aerosol bacteria. 

  8. Please note that we will be practicing social distancing whenever possible at our practice as a means of mitigating the risk of Coronavirus. This will also include changes to our waiting room, as well as the cessation of handshakes within the practice.  

We thank you for your cooperation in allowing us to provide you with a safe and clean environment as we continue to prioritize your dental health. 


Your Michigan Endodontics Team

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